What does a birth horoscope reveal?

Your horoscope shows your past and possible future  

Your chart is a composite of all your mental and emotional patterns, habits, talents and abilities created by you over all your many lifetimes. It is literally a portrait in astrological code of your past before you were born. The past is important because it shows the most likely trends of the present and future. We are endowed with free will by our Creator; we think doing what we want to do means we are free. iIn reality, like a river we are usually flowing with the current of our ingrained likes and dislikes. Therefore, possible future actions are deduced by the astrologer; only probable because in any given moment you can exert your will power (or won’t power!) to choose to go against the current of your habits, moods, and biases. Sustained effort to erase bad habits and replace them with the opposite good ones will in time create the good changes you want to see in your life. There are other ways also to surmount difficult life experiences. See “What is Karma” for more information.

What are some of the specifics that can be seen by your birth chart (horoscope)?

-Family of origin, qualities of your parents and siblings, what was your childhood like, was your family poor or well off, educated, etc.

-Marriage(s) and romance, and traits, status, health of, qualities of marriages and mates

-Children, if any, their traits, health, possible careers, etc.

-Finances, condition, origin, poverty, wealth, mixed

-Career, jobs, talents and hobbies, status in career, whether you like your career or whether it’s “just a job”

-Health, possible types of illnesses, possible mode of death (I don’t believe in doing detailed longevity, however--only God knows when it is your or loved ones’ times to go. Even if I knew it would not be my place to tell).

-Homes and vehicles, if and possible types

-Education, what type: high school, technical, advanced degrees, etc., whether ongoing, interrupted, finished, and what you may have studied

-Travel--whether you will vacation, work and/or live abroad, also whether short distance travel is indicated

-Current trends and possible future events in regards to any and/or all of the above issues

These are only some of the deeply-rooted layers of YOU that can be revealed by astrology. Every possible question, relationship and issue in human experience is in your chart. (see “What is Vedic Astrology” for other types of readings in addition to a birth chart)

Expect 80% accuracy

I do not claim to be an all-knowing person: therefore not everything I see/say will be 100%. However, you can expect that most of what I say will be accurate and far above the level of chance.* Though research is ongoing and more needs to be done, evidence of thousands of people worldwide show that Vedic astrology when practiced competently gives much better than chance accuracy.

*This presupposes that the birth data given to me is correct--not only the date and place, but exact time to the minute is needed.