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Vedic Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

The science and art of Jyotish (Vedic astrology) was discovered and practiced untold millenniums ago in much higher ages than our current one. It is important to remember that just because science today is not advanced enough to prove that astrology is real, doesn’t mean that it isn’t. It is to be noted that just 200 years ago today’s world of space flight, computers, TV, etc., would have been scoffed at as the imagination of fools. Science is progressing and has found that the tiniest atoms are really made of light waves of energy and that we as well as everything else in the trillions of worlds of the universe are all made of these same particles of light and energy. Science will someday catch up with the world’s greatest thinkers: the saints and sages of all religions who by direct experience of the Infinite Absolute have realized the truth that we are all one and connected to everything else.

Everyone is a spiritual light being having a material experience. Vedic Astrology shows what your material experience was, is, and may be in the future by interpreting your personal horoscope based on the positions and qualities of the planets in the zodiac signs at the moment of your birth. For more explanation go to FAQ page.

Your horoscope reveals your past and possible future

Your birth chart is literally a picture of your past before you were born. The past is important because it shows the most likely trends of the present and future. Every persistent train of thought you had in all your thousands of lifetimes, every desire, every action, your skills and talents, are coded into your horoscope.  Your behavior in the past is a predictor of the future. Therefore, possible future actions can be deduced by the astrologer--only possible because at any time you can exert your will power (or won’t power!) to choose to go against the current of your habits, moods, and biases. Sustained effort to erase bad habits and replace them with the opposite good ones will in time create the good changes you want to see in your life. For more information about what Vedic Astrology reveals, click here: ”What does a birth horoscope reveal?”

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